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Do you love the taste and aroma of high-quality tea, but hate the waste that comes with traditional tea bags? Well, no more! Our zero-waste tea in New Mills is carefully sourced from sustainable and ethical farms around the world, and sold loose, making it an eco-friendly and high-quality choice for tea lovers.

Traditional tea bags often contain low-quality tea leaves that have been crushed into small pieces, which can compromise the taste and aroma of the tea. Our zero-waste loose tea is made from tea leaves that retain their full flavour and aroma, allowing you to experience the true taste and benefits of tea. Whether you prefer black, green, white, or herbal tea, the loose tea at Millers’ Refillers offers a rich and satisfying experience that will leave you wanting more.



Customise your perfect brew

One of the benefits of zero-waste loose tea is that you can easily customise your tea to your liking. With loose tea, you have more control over the strength and flavour of your tea, allowing you to adjust it to your taste, every time! Whether you like your tea strong and bold, or light and delicate, our zero-waste tea in New Mills will do the trick.


Reduce waste with sustainable packaging

Traditional tea bags are often made from non-biodegradable materials and packaged in single-use plastic wrappers, which can contribute to the growing plastic pollution crisis. In contrast, our zero-waste loose tea is not packaged, reducing your overall waste footprint. You can buy reusable linen tea bags or metal tea baskets to help you get the perfect cuppa. We also stock Clipper tea bags for an ethical choice in tea bags.


Save the pennies and get more tea for your money

When you buy traditional tea bags, you’re paying for the convenience of individual servings, which can be more expensive than buying loose tea in bulk. With zero-waste loose tea, you can buy in larger quantities and get more tea for your pennies. Plus, you can reuse your tea leaves for multiple infusions, getting even more value out of your tea. So why not make the smart investment in a sustainable and cost-effective way to enjoy high-quality tea?


Join Millers’ Refillers in making a difference

By choosing our zero-waste tea in New Mills, you’re not just making small changes in your daily routine, but you’re also contributing to a larger movement towards sustainability. The zero-waste movement aims to minimise waste and promote sustainable practices to protect our planet and preserve it for future generations.

Discover the perfect cup of tea with Millers’ Refillers! Embrace a delightful and eco-conscious tea experience by opting for our premium, sustainable, and delectable loose tea blends. Ready to savour the goodness of nature in every sip? Contact us for more information, or shop in-store and be part of a tasty and refreshing zero-waste movement!

What We Stock

Tea (loose):

Apple & cranberry tea
Assam tea
Black tea
Blackcurrant tea
Ceylon orange pekoe tea
Chai tea

Chamomile tea
China rose petal (Taylor’s)
Chopped liquorice root
Dandelion leaf
Dandelion root
Darjeeling tea

Duchess earl grey tea
Earl grey tea
Elderflower tea
English breakfast tea
Ginger & lemon tea
Green tea (Taylor’s)

Lapsang Souchong tea
Lemon balm tea
Liquorice root
Loose leaf green tea ft
Marigold tea
Nettle tea

Oolong ti kuan lin tea
Peppermint tea
Pine needle tea
Raspberry tea
Red bush tea
Rosehip tea
Breakfast decaf tea (Taylor’s)

Tea (bags):

Reusable tea bags (cloth)
Tea basket
Clipper 25 bags decaf tea
Clipper 80 bags decaf tea
Clipper breakfast tea
Clipper detox tea (organic)

Clipper Earl Grey
Clipper English breakfast tea
Clipper everyday tea
Clipper green & lemon tea
Clipper snore & peace
Clipper decaf green (organic)
Rhubarb tea

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