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Discover a world of eco-friendly treasures that delight both your loved ones and the planet. Our carefully curated collection showcases gifts that make a positive impact, with every item designed to minimise waste without compromising on style or sentiment. From biodegradable materials to reusable wonders, each product tells a tale of conscious living. Embrace the joy of giving while honouring the planet – because the most meaningful gifts leave a mark on hearts, not on the environment.

We’re here to redefine the way you give and receive gifts. No more stressing about finding the perfect present while also being kind to our beautiful planet. Welcome to our haven of low waste and eco-friendly gifting – where every choice you make is a step towards a greener world.



Gifts with heart and purpose

We believe that gifting is more than just an exchange of stuff. It’s about sharing love and values. Our handpicked selection of gifts in New Mills is a reflection of our commitment to sustainability and mindful living. Each item comes from creators who share our passion for making the world a better place, one thoughtful gift at a time.


Thoughtfully curated goodies

Gone are the days of random gift shopping. Our collection features an array of goodies tailored to various tastes and interests. From artsy creations to practical wonders, each gift has a story to tell. These treasures are a reminder that thoughtful giving never goes out of style.


Less waste, more wow

Guess what? Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean sacrificing the excitement of unwrapping a gift. Expect minimal waste and maximum thrill. We’re all about showing love to your recipient and to the Earth!


Quality that speaks volumes

We’re dedicated to quality, and we never compromise. Our gifts are made from sustainable materials that don’t just look good, but also stand the test of time. These gifts are not just things; they’re lasting memories.


Celebrate, consciously

Life is full of reasons to celebrate – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more. Our gifts let you mark these special moments with a touch of conscience. By choosing eco-friendly presents, you’re not just giving a gift; you’re showing your love for your loved ones and the planet all at once.


Your values, our priority

Shopping with us means you’re part of a community that cares. Our personalised service ensures your journey is smooth and aligned with your values. We’re here to guide you through our curated treasures, helping you find that perfect gift that’s wrapped with thoughtfulness and care. Hampers can be created to your requirements, making a unique and personalised gift for someone special.


Give with heart, give sustainably

In a world overflowing with stuff, stand out by giving gifts that truly matter. Our collection is handpicked to make your gifting experience both meaningful and kind to the Earth. Get ready to explore a world of treasures that speak louder than words, making your special moments even more memorable.

Ready to make your gifts count? Dive into our collection now and be part of a gifting journey that’s all about spreading joy, love, and sustainability. Together, let’s celebrate with a whole lot of heart! Contact us for more information, or visit our shop and see what we have to offer for gifts in New Mills today!

What We Stock


Scribble & Dot book
Washi tape (Scribble & Dot)
Sari bags
String bags
Tote bags
Forget-me-not seed sets
Tarn candle
Diffuser (Wild Olive)
Candles (wild Olive)
Coin purse (Cycle of Good)

Credit card holder (Cycle of Good)
Pencil case (Cycle of Good)
Wallet (Cycle of Good)
Inner tube tool roll c(Cycle of Good)
Keyring (Cycle of Good)
Large phone case (Cycle of Good)
Multi-zip pouch (Cycle of Good)
Pop up purse (Cycle of Good)
Toiletry sets

Toys and Games:

Elephant book ends
Play press sets (various)
Wild Tribe story books (various)
Wooden animal sets
Wooden bus
Wooden train set

Friend in a tin
Art and Craft sets (various)
Escape Room in an Envelope (Puzzle Post) (various)
Malas Decisiones
Child’s wooden kitchen set
Wooden toys (various)


Drink bottles and flasks (various)
Collapsible cups
Bamboo kitchenware
Lunch boxes and bags (various)
Storage containers (various)
Glass teapots
Tea Baskets
Seasonal gifts

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