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Sweet Treats

Do you crave sweet treats, but feel guilty about the impact their packaging may have on the environment? Say goodbye to that guilt and indulge in zero-waste sweet treats in New Mills from Millers’ Refillers! You can now satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising on your commitment to sustainability.

Our zero-waste sweet treats come in packaging that is biodegradable, compostable, or reusable – plus, you can even bring your own container! You can now enjoy your favourite treats without worrying about the impact they may have on the environment. By choosing zero-waste sweet treats, you’re making a conscious effort to minimise waste and reduce your carbon footprint.



Delicious treats for any occasion

You will find a variety of flavours that cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer sweet or savoury treats, we have something for everyone. From chocolate brazils and fizzy dummies to liquorice twigs and nut mixes, our treats are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a snack on the go, or a sweet indulgence after dinner. We also have a good range of vegan treats and chocolate, as well as a good stock of Tony’s Chocolonely. Our crisps are sourced from Two Farmers – an excellent brand that is making an impact on the market. You can trust that our zero-waste sweet treats in New Mills are sourced with the same attention to quality and sustainability as the rest of our products.


Supporting sustainable practices

By choosing sweet treats from Millers’ Refillers, you’re supporting sustainable practices and contributing to a larger movement towards environmental consciousness. We believe that every small step counts, and by making small changes in our daily lives, we can make a big impact on the planet. By indulging in our zero-waste sweet treats, you’re making a conscious effort to support sustainable practices and promote a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


Make a difference, guilt-free!

Are you ready to indulge in delicious sweet treats without harming the environment? Choose our zero-waste sweet treats in New Mills sold loose so you can choose how much to buy. Join us in our mission to support sustainable practices and promote a healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle. Shop now and be part of the zero-waste movement! Together, we can make a difference in reducing waste and creating a more sustainable future for our planet. Contact us for more details, or visit Millers’ Refillers in New Mills and satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt!

What We Stock

Sweets (loose):

Liquorice root
Chocolate beans
Coltsfoot rock
Edinburgh rock
Fizzy mix
Gummy mix

Liquorice wheels
Marshmallows (vegan)
Milk chocolate bananas
Space mix
Turkish delight
Carob brazils
Dark chocolate coffee beans

Dark chocolate cranberries
Dark chocolate ginger
Dark chocolate gooseberries
Dark chocolate raisins
Milk chocolate cranberries
Milk chocolate fudge
Milk chocolate ginger

Milk chocolate honeycomb
Milk chocolate raisins
Yoghurt apricot
Yoghurt banana
Yoghurt cranberries
Yoghurt ginger
Yoghurt honeycomb
Yoghurt pineapple
Yoghurt raisins

Sweets (packed):

Chewsy chewing gum
Vego chocolate bar
Vego melts
Vego nuts & berries
Tony’s Chocolonely large (various)
Tony’s Chocolonely small (various)

Tony’s egg box
Tony’s gift pack
Two farmers crisps large (various)
Two farmers crisps small (various)

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