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Do you love baking but hate the waste that comes with it? With zero-waste baking, you can enjoy delicious treats without the guilt of contributing to the growing waste problem. Our zero-waste baking products in New Mills are specifically designed to reduce waste and promote sustainability, making it easy for you to indulge in your love of baking while taking care of the planet.

Traditional baking ingredients often come packaged in single-use plastic or other wasteful materials, contributing to the waste problem. Additionally, some baking ingredients can contain harmful chemicals or additives that are not good for your health or the environment. Our zero-waste baking ingredients are sourced from eco-friendly and sustainable sources and are packaged in compostable or recyclable materials to reduce waste. You can enjoy healthier and more sustainable treats with our zero-waste baking products.



Reduce waste with reusable baking tools

One of the main benefits of zero-waste baking is the use of waste-free baking goods. Traditional baking often involves disposable packaging and these products contribute to the waste problem that can be harmful to the environment. Our zero-waste baking products in New Mills include cake mix, chocolate chips, milk powder and more! By choosing zero-waste baking, you’re reducing waste and promoting sustainability.


Baking options for any occasion

Zero-waste baking is not just good for the environment, it’s also a great way to get creative in the kitchen. Our zero-waste baking products include a variety of options for any occasion, from crumble mix and custard powder to Agar Agar and Arrowroot. You can create a wide range of delicious treats with our versatile zero-waste baking products, while still minimising your waste footprint.


Save money and resources with zero waste baking

Another great benefit of zero-waste baking is that it can help you save money and resources in the long run. By using sustainable ingredients, you’re reducing your overall waste and spending less money on baking products. Choosing zero-waste baking means you’re making a smart investment in your kitchen and the planet.

Are you excited to whip up some amazing treats without worrying about waste? Look no further! Our fantastic range of eco-friendly and sustainable baking products is just what you need. Let’s make a difference together! Embrace the zero-waste movement and join our mission to protect the planet. By choosing our products, you’re not only indulging in your love for baking but also contributing to a more sustainable future. It’s a win-win situation!

Say goodbye to unnecessary waste and hello to guilt-free baking. Shop now and become a part of the positive change we’re creating. Together, we can bake delicious treats while making a positive impact on the environment. Get ready to mix, whisk, and bake your way to a greener, happier planet! Let’s bake with purpose! Contact us today for details, or take the first step towards a more sustainable and delicious lifestyle by visiting our shop in New Mills!

What We Stock

Baking (loose):

Agar agar
Baking powder
Beetroot powder
Bicarb of soda
Cacao nibs

Cacao powder (organic)
Cake mix
Chocolate chips
Citric acid
Cocoa powder

Cream of tartar
Crumble mix
Custard powder
Farm girl eggs
Mango powder
Milk powder

Milk powder coconut
Milk powder skimmed
Psyllium husks
Scone mix
Xanthan gum

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